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QPM Lab in 2020: Academic Degrees and Defenses

QPM Lab in 2020:  Academic Degrees and Defenses

Congratulations to the scientists of Quantum Processes and Measurements Laboratory for getting the academic degree and defenses in 2020:

  1. Andrei Gaidash (PhD) "Unambiguous distinguishing of phase-modulated states in communication by optical channels"
  2. Vladimir Chistiakov (PhD) "Security of subcarrier-wave quantum key distribution systems against hacking of measurement device"
  3. Anton Kozubov (PhD) "Quantum dynamics of multimode photonic systems and their analysis as an information resource"
  4. Maria Zhukova (PhD) "Nonlinear absorption and refraction in the field of ultrashort pulses in crystalline and liquid materials for detection and generation systems of terahertz radiation"
  5. Anton Tcypkin (Dr.Sc) "Nonlinear phenomena in liquids in the field of broadband radiation of the infrared and terahertz spectral ranges"

We wish you success, creative breakthroughs, and all-around development!

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