As for practical applications of the solution, it is supposed to substitute the expensive dispersion compensators in use now. According to the researchers, their new solution is not only more affordable, but also more effective in certain cases – at least, in shorter communication lines. 

At the current stage of the project, the researchers are working on calculations of the effects of nonlinear Raman scattering on the quantum signal. They have already developed a mathematical model and reached preliminary conclusions that now have to be verified experimentally. 

Reference: F. Kiselev, E. Samsonov, R. Goncharov, V. Chistyakov, A. Halturinsky, V. Egorov, A. Kozubov, A. Gaidash, and A. Gleim. Analysis of the chromatic dispersion effect on subcarrier wave QKD system. Optics Express, 2020/10.1364/OE.403293.

ITMO NEWS - Ekaterina Shevyreva